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Italy - France Journal
June 18 to July 4, 1998

Day Five: Monday, June 22, 1998

When thou are in Rome, do as they do in Rome.
- Cervantes, Don Quixote

We set out late to find the Hard Rock Café - never did find it, but Flora bought an imitation HRC T-shirt on the street - and found Planet Hollywood instead. They had no shirts in Flora or Barry's size - remember, this is Italy! After visiting the Trevi Fountain again, we decided to try to find the Church of St. Peter in Chains to see Michelangelo's Moses and the supposed chains that held St. Peter in the aforementioned prison.

We finally reached the church only to find it closed for a three-hour siesta. Italy's work ethic - or lack thereof - must account for at least some of their financial woes. We were dead tired from the previous day's travel and from the heat, so we decided to have lunch and return to the hotel. We dined on pizza, salad and red wine at a small family-owned pizzeria, Pizzeria Leoncino, then took a three-hour nap and watched World Cup coverage on CNN. That evening, we dined at Colline Emiliane, a very nice ristorante near the Trevi Fountain. Having learned how to order correctly without overeating, we had homemade fettucine with porcini mushrooms, salad, vegetables, and Barry had an omelet. We had a fruit tart for dessert. A better dessert proved to be the gelato that is bought at every corner. It was delicious! We returned to the hotel late that evening and packed our bags for the trip to Florence.

You take your life in your hands when you cross the street in Rome. There are no WALK - WAIT signs. You just pray and run. Everyone drives little motor scooters, or Vespas. They are easier to maneuver down the small alleyways and definitely easier to park. Maybe next time we will rent one!

Impressions of Rome -

1) The men are good looking.
2) Everyone carries a very small cell phone.
3) Non-cellular phone technology is archaic. Barry couldn't even retrieve his voice mail messages from the phone. He had to call Margie to retrieve them for him.
4) It is very hot - well, it is summer.
5) It is very crowded - all tourists.
6) It is very smelly - well, it is still summer.
7) Everyone wears really nice shoes.
8) They say Rome wasn't built in a day, but it doesn't look like an evolving city either. Everything looked at least 300 years old. We found out that anything built after the 15th century is considered modern Rome!

Triton Fountain, Rome