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London Journal
March 7 to March 15, 1998

Day Nine: Sunday, March 15
Return to Dallas

"I think it on the whole the best point of view in the world."
- Henry James-Letter to Charles Eliot Norton, 13 November, 1880

Our driver picked us up at the flat at 8:45am. We arrived at Gatwick at 10:00am and boarded the plane in a timely manner. However, due to a mechanical problem, we left London three hours and 45 minutes late. We were let off the plane for two hours and given a lunch voucher while the plane received a new generator. We finally took off, enjoying mimosas, then a decent chicken lunch. The movie, "Tomorrow Never Dies", kept everyone's interest. Martin taught Flora how to play the card game, Egyptian Rat Screw, and they played it for hours. The plane was re-routed through JFK airport in New York City because a crew change was necessary due to the length of the delay. We deplaned at JFK, retrieved all our luggage and went through customs, only to reboard the same plane immediately thereafter. We still do not understand why we had to do this. The "crew change" took three hours. The flight from JFK to DFW is only a blur in our memory, as we had been awake for 24 hours by then. We arrived in Dallas finally at straight-up midnight -- seven hours late -- happy to be back at home safe and sound with memories to last forever.