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London Journal
March 7 to March 15, 1998

Day One: Saturday, March 7
Dallas to London

The night was dark and stormy
But blithe of heart were they
For shining in the distance the
Lights of London lay.

- George R. Sims

The long awaited day finally arrived. Despite bad weather and some traffic, we picked up Margie and were at DFW airport 2 ½ hours before the scheduled departure time. The rain slowed things up a bit, but nevertheless, we only took off 45 minutes late. We enjoyed shrimp and rice for dinner with a gooey chocolate caramel brownie for dessert. Barry, Martin and Margie watched "The Rainmaker" while Flora and Melanie attempted to sleep. The flight was uneventful and time past quickly and before we knew it, omelets and cereal were being served for breakfast.

DFW Airport