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Celebrity Millennium
Inaugural Caribbean Voyage
December 17 - 24, 2000

"Good Vibrations"


This was my second cruise - the first being in July 2000 to Alaska on Celebrity's Galaxy. I traveled on this adventure with my husband, Barry (his first cruise), my daughter, Melanie (her third cruise - July 1999-Sea Princess; July 2000- Galaxy) and Barry's mom, Margie (her fourth cruise - July 1996-Crown Princess; July 1999-Sea Princess; July 2000-Galaxy). When we decided on the spur of the moment to cruise the Caribbean on this particular week, our first two choices were either the Grand Princess or the Millennium. The Grand Princess was fully booked, so we ended up on the Millennium, which was probably my first choice anyway because my experience last summer on the Galaxy was wonderful. There has also been quite a bit of hype concerning the Millennium, and I wanted to see for myself what it was all about.

GTS Millennium docked in Cozumel, Mexico