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Celebrity Millennium
Inaugural Caribbean Voyage
December 17 - 24, 2000

Shopping & Gaming


The Emporium is the Millennium's vast shopping arcade on Deck 5. Shops include Cova, Michel Roux, DKNY, Paul and Shark, Coach, Versace, Fendi, H. Stern, a logo shop, a liquor store, sundries shop, a watch shop, two womens' clothing shops, and a perfume shop. Prices seemed high and the logo shop was the only one that ever seemed busy. Every day, new merchandise was brought out with signs proclaiming "This just arrived!" On a whim one afternoon, I asked a clerk how new items can arrive while we're at sea. We both had a good laugh at how this marketing technique works, even on the high seas.


Fortunes Casino is decorated in the style of old Monte Carlo with inlaid mosaics in the floor, "marble" columns (go touch them - they're plastic!) and replicas of statues that can be found in the Louvre. The lowest minimum at the blackjack tables was $10, even in the morning, and the 5-cent slot machines were never turned on. Go figure.

Fortunes Casino on Deck 4