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Celebrity Millennium
Inaugural Caribbean Voyage
December 17 - 24, 2000

Concluding Thoughts

If you want to be pampered, fed fine food whenever you like and have a myriad of activities at your disposal with very little decision required on your part, then cruising is a perfect vacation and the Millennium certainly fills the bill. The problems experienced on this cruise were very miniscule, especially when you consider that this was basically a maiden voyage and there were over 2400 passengers on board, all with unique wants and needs. I have traveled on many land based vacations, and some of my fondest travel memories are from the two cruises I have taken. Traveling is all about attitude, and I am truly amazed that anyone could have had anything other than a positive experience on this cruise. Our every desire was catered to and we were treated like royalty. Celebrity has a fine product and attracts a seasoned, sophisticated clientele.

To give a brief comparison between the Millennium and the Galaxy, the Millennium is bigger, but I really only felt the extra distance when walking from my room (7183) to our second room (8021). Had we booked in a timely manner, we might have received rooms closer together. The Millennium is decorated in a slightly more elegant style, but the Galaxy is gorgeous in its contemporary simplicity. I would cruise both of them again in a heartbeat.

It is no secret that I enjoy Alaska as a cruise ship destination (scenery, scenery!) more than the Caribbean, but the ease and availability of cruising the Caribbean and the easy access to Florida from Dallas will, I hope, ensure future cruises to the Caribbean for me and my family.

My expectations were certainly exceeded on this cruise and I hope to be lucky enough to sail Millie again some day.

View from Deck 10 at the ship's aft