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Celebrity Millennium
Inaugural Caribbean Voyage
December 17 - 24, 2000


We encountered rough seas on our last day, a sea day, as we made our way from Grand Cayman around the western shore of Cuba and on to Fort Lauderdale. We were traveling at full speed (24 knots) in order to get to Cozumel to tender off a passenger with a medical emergency and then to make up the time lost during this unscheduled stop.

The ship docked in Fort Lauderdale over an hour late, but once debarkation got going, it went smoothly and quickly. Apparently, there were some people with early morning flights out of Fort Lauderdale who either missed their flights or cut it very close because of our late arrival. I personally have no sympathy for someone who books a flight so close to the ship's estimated arrival time at the pier, but I guess there are some people who believe everything will run smoothly all the time, which of course, it doesn't. There is also the possibility that some of these people used Celebrity Air and were assigned early morning departures, which is one of many reasons why we will always book our own flights.

Breakfast one last time in the dining room before debarkation