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Celebrity Millennium
Inaugural Caribbean Voyage
December 17 - 24, 2000

The Ship

I can't imagine a cruise ship that could be more classy and elegant than the Millennium. The décor in all the public areas and staterooms is a combination of understated luxury and comfort - contemporary in style as is Celebrity's trademark with many aspects of a traditional luxury ocean liner. Following is a brief description of some of my favorite public spaces.

Grand Foyer
One embarks the Millennium on Deck 3 to the awesome sight of the Grand Foyer's backlit onyx staircase (lined with poinsettias), marble floors, three-story silk draperies, and panoramic glass elevators. Up the stairs on Deck 4 are tables for two and four placed all around the open area around the staircase. This was a focal point on the ship where people met, mingled and played cards and games throughout the day.

The Grand Foyer taken from Deck 4

Rendez-Vous Lounge
This drinking/dancing/gathering spot is just outside the Metropolitan Restaurant on Deck 4. This room has a relatively casual atmosphere with plush seating in bright colors. Karaoke was held here on the two formal nights and dancing was held here nightly. There are large round windows looking out to sea and, as on the Galaxy, this was my favorite room on the ship.

Vegetable Sculpting in the Rendez-vous Lounge on Deck 4

Metropolitan Restaurant
All the way aft on Decks 4 and 5, the Metropolitan Restaurant is decorated in a beautiful amalgam of reds, blues and golds with wood accents. Except for a few poorly placed tables-for-two near the wall, there appeared to be no "bad tables," as every table either faced a window, a railing looking out to the area below or, for those lucky diners seated on Deck 4 in the center, a sweeping vista of the entire room and the soaring blue-lit two-story ceiling.

Metropolitan Dining Room taken from Deck 5

Platinum Club
This room gets my vote for the most beautiful room on the Millennium. Done in purples and grays with art deco crystal chandeliers and sconces lining the walls, this area was where the martini and caviar bar was located. Music from the Rendez-Vous Lounge directly below permeates this lounge through a large open area in the center of the room.

Platinum Club on Deck 5

Ocean Café/Ocean Grill
This area contains the buffet breakfast and lunch, pizza, sushi bar, pasta bar, omelet station, ice cream station, afternoon tea and several of the midnight buffets. The ship is wider at this point than the decks below, and dining at a table near the window gives a feeling of actually being out over the water. Adding to this ambiance are portholes in the floor looking down directly to the water (and not coincidentally, into passengers' verandas on the decks below). There is also an outdoor area in the rear of the ship where one can dine alfresco on a teak deck. This was my favorite place to eat breakfast.

The Aquaspa on the Millennium is the largest, most luxurious spa afloat and is divided into two separate areas. The area closer to the front of the ship contains the treatment and massage rooms, the hair salon, and gym facilities that afford a panoramic view of the ocean. The gym is quite large and has a large assortment of equipment. Even though there was a sign up sheet for the treadmills, there was rarely a problem finding an open one.

The area of the Aquaspa closer to midship consists of the Thalassotherapy Pool, more familiarly known on the Millennium as the Hydropool. It is located on a raised teak deck indoors under a glass canopy in a lovely room with teak deck chairs with yellow and green pillows. This pool costs $20 per day on the Galaxy, and it was a real treat for it to be complimentary on the Millennium. The pool has body jets, neck massages and two stainless steel beds to lie on and have the water rush over you. We had rough seas on this cruise, and the Hydropool became akin to a wave pool at a water park. Many passengers complained about the number of kids in the Hydropool, but I never experienced this or maybe it just didn't bother me. I used the pool daily between 10am and noon and also between 5 and 7 pm. when the majority of children were at dinner. I find it interesting that people choose to book their cruise during the winter holidays from school and then get their funnel all bent out of shape when there are kids in the pool.

The Thalassotherapy Pool (HydroPool) on Deck 10

Riviera Pool
This is a gorgeous outdoor pool area between the Ocean Café and the Hydropool on Deck 10. There is a small lap pool with a rock waterfall flowing into it, a curved pool and four hot tubs. The grill serves hamburgers and hot dogs at lunchtime and pizza in the afternoon.

The Riviera Pool on Deck 10

Located on Deck 11, this is the ship's disco at night and observation lounge during the day, with a view over the bow of the ship, equal to that which the navigational bridge provides for the ship's officers two decks below.

The Cosmos nightclub on Deck 11

Sports Court
Climbing a stairway just behind the funnel on Deck 11 (just under the big "X"), Barry reached the sports court area in time for a casual volleyball game. This area is always available for full-court basketball and darts, but a volleyball net is set up at scheduled times. The area is surrounded by a ~15-foot net but is open at the top. Believe it or not, this proved to be a problem about 15 minutes into the volleyball game. Taking a pass at the center of the court, an enthusiastic setter placed the ball over the net and onto the jogging track on Deck 11. Since no jogger was there to take the set, the ball bounced over the railing and into the sea eleven stories below. Basketball practice began shortly thereafter.:-)

There are several intimate areas on the ship consisting of a few tables and chairs or a sofa strategically placed in an almost private area. Check out the one on Deck 3 behind the glass elevators.

The promenade deck was difficult to enjoy as it did not completely encircle the ship and had an unattractive cork-type of flooring instead of a wooden floor.

The photographers were not as aggressive as on the Galaxy and the photo gallery was not located in as high a traffic area either. I don't know if they sold as many photos, though.