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Celebrity Millennium
Inaugural Caribbean Voyage
December 17 - 24, 2000

Our Stateroom

We occupied two staterooms. Barry and I were housed in Room 7183 on Deck 7 - the Vista Deck. This is a Premium Ocean-View Stateroom with Veranda - Category 1C. We had a queen-sized bed, loveseat, dresser/desk with chair and mirror, coffee table, TV, minibar, double closet with multiple drawers and a safe, bathrobes, and a bathroom identical to our bathroom on the Galaxy. At 190 square feet, we did not feel at all confined and the floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall sliding glass door to our veranda made the room feel even bigger. There was ample storage space in the dresser and closet. We could not hear any noises from the adjoining staterooms, although you can hear toilets flushing from outside in the hall. The bathroom contains a shampoo dispenser in the shower, a lotion dispenser by the sink, a hair dryer and plush towels. Water temperature in the shower was inconsistent though, and frequently lukewarm at best. Our stateroom attendant Arthur and his assistant Ryan kept the room spotless and the ice bucket and pitcher fully stocked for us.

Interactive TV allowed us to check the status of our account, order shore excursions (I did not do that this time but did so without problem on the Galaxy), order wine for dinner, order breakfast room service and edit and check closing prices of stocks in your stock profile.

We enjoyed ordering breakfast from room service and eating out on our veranda. I also ordered a room service lunch when I arrived back on the ship from Grand Cayman and enjoyed dining outside and watching the tenders come and go from Spotts Bay. I will probably not cruise again without a veranda. I can only imagine how much better a veranda would be in a place like Alaska, where the scenery is so much prettier.

Our room was directly over some of the large suites on the ship, and although I felt we had relative privacy on our veranda, the occupants of the suites below us on Deck 6 definitely did not. Since the ship is 5 or 6 feet wider on Deck 6 than Decks 7-9, a look right or left afforded us a view into the verandas below us. Thus it is necessary to plan carefully when booking a veranda stateroom (or suite) on the Millennium. A few staterooms on Deck 6 have the lifeboats directly below them, and a few staterooms on Deck 9 are directly under the overhangs of the Ocean Café (and the downward-looking "portholes").

Melanie and Margie occupied Room 8021 on Deck 8 - the Panorama Deck. This is a Deluxe Ocean-View Stateroom with Veranda - Category 2A. Their room was identical to ours except it was about 3 feet shorter (171 square feet versus 190 square feet). Whereas we had a loveseat, they had what can be described as a large easy chair. Their dresser/desk was also proportionately smaller.