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Sun Princess
"Voyage of the Glaciers"
July 23-30, 2001
Vancouver-Seward Northbound


The thunder is deafening as a section of the glacier the size of a skyscraper dislodges itself into the sea. During this dazzling show of calving, ice shoots up from several hundred feet below the surface of the water. An iceberg has been born. The glaciers have been active today, their constant activity breaking the eerie silence of Glacier Bay. I'm yearning for some peace and quiet, so I think I'll head back to my cabin for room service and maybe a nap. But, wait a minute, what is that infernal beeping?!? Oh…heck… it's the alarm clock. Well, just last week, it was anything but a dream ……

Alaska, "The Great Land," is a loose translation of the Aleut word "Alyeska." Its bigger-than-life imagery calls us back again and again. This was my third cruise and my second cruise to Alaska, the first being last summer on a Celebrity ship, the Galaxy. There were eight of us traveling together on this trip - myself, my husband Barry, our two children, Martin (18) and Melanie (15), Barry's mom Margie, our good friend Louette, and Louette's two granddaughters, Lauren (17) and Julia (13).

We had a wonderful time on this cruise and would cruise Princess again. Princess tries to be "all things to all people," and as difficult as that may seem, they do a pretty good job of it. We were a family group than spanned three generations, and given the wide variety of our interests, Princess managed to keep us all happy and occupied for the entire week.

** Helpful hint: This is not a "party ship," nor is it the "upscale" product that I understand it once was. The deficiencies in room size, food quality and service are counter-balanced by the around-the-clock availability of dining (important for teens), varied and excellent entertainment options and superior design and amenities of the Sun-class ships.

Twin Ships Passing in the Day
The Southbound Dawn Princess taken from the Northbound Sun Princess