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Sun Princess
"Voyage of the Glaciers"
July 23-30, 2001
Vancouver-Seward Northbound

Onboard Revenue Generation

I had read a lot about the nickel-and-diming that occurs on Princess these days. I concluded that this couldn't possibly be, as all but some luxury cruise lines charge for liquor, soda, alternative dining, photos, spa services, etc. Boy, was I wrong! Princess is very aggressive in their quest for additional revenue from their passengers. Their in-you-face attitude is extremely annoying and just never stops. As an example, the entire back page of the Princess Patter is devoted to advertising those items on which a profit can be made, and fully every other entry in the listing of the daytime activities is aimed at revenue generation. Daily, there were multiple flyers in our cabin mailbox detailing items and services they felt we could not live without. This is a partial listing of some of the more annoying activities:

1) Shopping: Every night around dinner time, tables full of junky merchandise were pushed out of the shops and into the atrium area on Deck 6 right in front of the Regency Dining Room, causing a real bottleneck when trying to enter the dining room.

2) Charging casino chips or slot tokens to your shipboard account costs 3%.

3) Photography: The champagne waterfall on the last formal night is done solely for the purpose of taking for-sale photos of individuals pouring champagne into the pyramid.

4) Champagne at the Captain's Welcome Party is $2.00 per person.

5) There is a fee for ice cream at the pool.

6) As you reboard the ship after being in port, they try to sell spiked hot chocolate right at the door. There were few takers.

7) There had a very loud, aggressive photographer walking the front decks while we were sailing Glacier Bay. She was tapping people on the shoulders, telling them to turn around to have their photo taken. The majority of people were very polite to her. I thought she should have been thrown overboard.

8) Seasick medication is not complimentary from the purser's office, but is for sale in the gift shop.

The Champagne Waterfall in the Grand Plaza